New Titanic Trail Blog

Greetings again to the world from my new Blog. I did attempt to create one eight years ago but didn’t have the time or technical expertise to continue it. So I’m back !!!

Much has happened in the last 8 years. The centenary events to commemorate both RMS Lusitania and RMS Titanic have come and gone. The world has rotated thousands of times, wars have started and finished, typical political profiles and configurations have altered profoundly. There has been famine, global alterations in weather systems, mind-blowing advances in shipbuilding and the continued theme of migration of people from and to many parts of our planet.

The world lost Milvena Deane, who all her life, was Titanic’s youngest survivor. She survived at just 9 weeks old and lived until the age of 97 years, passing away in May of 2009. She was our last living link with the ship.

In forthcoming blogs I will be looking at the narratives, historical perspectives and stories from the past and in the present. those that surround Cork Harbour, RMS Titanic, emigration from Ireland and much much more……

As always the Titanic Trail Guided Walking tour of Cobh, my books, publications and new tour offerings will be highlighted on

Talk Soon !

Dr Michael Martin

Author and Creator Titanic Trail


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